Cosanuova does not support the use of conflict diamonds in any way, shape or form nor do we support child labour or unfair labor practices. We request audits from our factories to verify where stones are being sourced from and perform due diligence to the extent allowed. As much as we try to support proper and fair mining and labor practices it is still very hard to enforce as factories tend to work with external suppliers.

The mines of Africa are home to 65% of the world’s diamonds; normally seen in the sparkling salesrooms of high-end jewelry retailers around the world. It is an industry that was supposed to be cleaned up, after the turn-of-the-millennium­ notoriety surrounding so-called blood or conflict ­diamonds—precious stones mined in African war zones, often by forced labor, and used to fund armed rebel movements. In 2003 the diamond industry established the Kimberley Process, an international certification system designed to reassure consumers that the diamonds they bought were conflict-­free. But more than 10 years later, while the process did reduce the number of conflict diamonds on the market, it remains riddled with loopholes, unable to stop many diamonds mined in war zones or under other egregious circumstances from being sold in international markets.

In response to this realities, our company has committed 10% of its annual profits to the SLIMS Africa organization. It is part of our corporate responsibility and a way to give back to the young lives of Africans whom have suffered the most from the flaws of our industry.

“The work they are performing in Sierra Leone is massive! It is extremely gratifying to see how you can help turn around the lives of so many kids. I am pleased to be part of such a great effort.”-Michel Garrido, CEO

We invite you to learn more about this great organization and help us change the world for the better!