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Diamond Circle Cluster Earrings in 14k White Gold (1.00ct)

Diamond circle frame cluster Earrings made in 14kt White Gold accented with 1.00Ct t.w of round brilliant diamonds.

Sterling Silver Family Pendant One Boy Necklace

This meaningful one boy family pendant features sparkly cubic zirconia set in sterling silver with a rhodium plating...

Sterling Silver Diamond Roman Cross Pendant (.13ct)

Diamond roman cross pendant made in Sterling Silver with a rhoidum plating finish accented with .13Ct t.w of round...

Diamond Clover Bracelet in Yellow Gold (.20ct)

Diamond clover bracelet made in 10kt Yellow Gold accented with .20Ct t.w of round brilliant diamonds.

Diamond Infinity Threader Earrings in White Gold (.13ct)

Diamond infinity threader earrings made in 10kt White Gold accented with .12Ct t.w of round brilliant diamonds.

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold (.50ct)

Women's diamond princess cut bridal wedding engagement ring made in 14kt yellow gold featuring .50ct t.w of brilliant...

Diamond Letter X Cross Necklace in White Gold (.10ct)

This trendy diamond letter X cross necklace is made in 10kt White Gold and it features .10Ct t.w of sparkly diamonds....

Sterling Silver Python Mustard Horn Necklace

This beautiful horn necklace is one of a kind, each piece has a unique pattern made of genuine python leather and it...

Sterling Silver Peanut Elephant Bracelet

Known as a symbol of good luck this bracelet features a sparkly multi-color elephant with bezel set round brilliant...

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold (.62ct)

Women's round diamond solitaire bridal wedding engagement ring made in 14kt white gold featuring .63ct t.w round...

Are you having trouble with the layering trends?
20 July, 2018

Are you having trouble with the...

Your Easy Guide to Wearing Layered Necklaces! Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways...

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July Birthstone - Ruby
25 June, 2018

July Birthstone - Ruby

What is Ruby? Ruby is a precious gemstone known for its rich and opulent red hue....

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Silver Tassel Necklace & Earrings - Origin and Trends
20 February, 2018

Silver Tassel Necklace & Earrings -...

They aren't only for your room curtains any longer. Between Roman rulers and...

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