Sometimes it is tricky to figure out the right size for your jewelry other times its hard to imagine how it would fit; in this section, we aim to help you figure it out!


How to find your ring size?

1. Take the tip or end of a sewing thread and wrap it around your finger until it meets or connects together. Then mark that position of the material.

2. Measure the length of the thread with a regular ruler in mm.

3. Take the measured length of the material that you have calculated and refer the below chart to find your size. (Note - In case the length of your string falls between any of these measurements, choose the closest size.)

A second way to find your ring size:

Take a ring that you currently own and measure the distance on the inside of the ring from one side to the other (the width of the shank).

You can use a paper or string like in the first method or simply place a ruler on top of the ring and measure the gap. Then, look at the chart below and find your ring size.


International Ring Size Conversion

Bracelets - Size Guide

Measuring your correct bracelet size:

(1) Take a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist.
(2) Mark the spot where the paper meets the other end.
(3) Measure the marked distance with a ruler.
(4) Add one inch to the measured distance.
(5) Compare your measurement with the charts below to determine your bracelet size.

Women Bracelet Size Chart

Men Bracelet Size Chart

Necklaces and Pendants - Size Guide

The image below can help you get a visual reference of how a specific length might look on you.