Key Pendant Necklace and Their Meaning

Key Pendant Necklace and Their Meaning


Key necklaces are and have always been an extremely popular present for all ages and occasions. Here is the reason behind their popularity and key necklace meaning:

A Key pendant necklace is usually given as a present on the 21st birthday. This tradition goes back to the times when at twenty-one, you were seen as mature enough to be a key-holder to your family's home, and hold a 'senior' position in the family. It's a pretty old tradition that, some think, has since a long time ago ended up irrelevant and out of date, yet the symbolism of the key pendant necklace on the 21st birthday lives on.

Key necklace are believed to be been endowed with some sort of magic. It's said that they have the ability to uncover things that were obscure or unknown earlier. In Far East societies, keys are viewed as a "Good Luck" present and a carrier of luck.


Ancient Asian tradition believes that a Key Pendant will open physical, intellectual, or spiritual barriers. Wearing a Key necklace would give access to riches and treasures. The key pendant necklace is given to open new horizons and new uncharted adventures. Furthermore, it is believed that a universal key called the “Skeleton Key” will successfully unlock anything you wish for. “Skeleton Key” pendant symbolizes "New Beginnings" for the person, wearing it. Key pendant necklace are a very popular present for 21st birthday and Graduations, both occasions, considered to be a "new beginnings".

In present day days, we perceive the key pendant necklace as a symbolism of entrusting somebody with the entrance to one's Heart of Hearts. The "Key to Someone's Heart" is given in a similar way the "Key to a City" has been given for a very long time. The act of introducing a "Key to the City" to an individual can be traced back to the Middle Ages when it was an image of the City's aim that the beneficiary was allowed to travel every which way freely. Today it is viewed as a symbolic gesture, bestowed upon distinguished persons and honored guests for achievements of the highest importance. Giving someone the "key to your heart" will be a symbol of expressing a special trust and commitment. It is a way of saying - “You Belong and Always Welcomed Here."


In a romantic relationship, a key pendant necklace is viewed as the "next big step" for the two lovers to exchange the keys of their homes. This is a demonstration that signifies that the relationship is taken to the next level where they trust each other to give access to each other’s homes and hearts.

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