How is it made - Turquoise Jewelry

How is it made - Turquoise Jewelry


Turquoise Jewelry is in fashion for a very simple reason that it looks impeccable. It is still a mystery to many when they see Turquoise Jewelry that how is it made? To answer this question in a simple manner, below we have described what a lay man needs to know about Turquoise.


What is Turquoise?

Naturally occurring Turquoise is made up of copper and aluminum. The various shades that you see in Turquoise is due the varying content of copper and iron. A blue colored stone used in a Turquoise Jewelry has its color due to higher levels of copper. Likewise a green colored Turquoise has more iron content. Turquoise is mined in various countries across the world like United States, Iran, Mexico and many more.

Types of Turquoise:

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise that you see in many Turquoise Necklace is found in Arizona and are generally blue in color also called the “Persian Color”.

Stabilized Turquoise that is more famous in Turquoise horn necklace is a favorite choice for Turquoise Jewelry makers. It has epoxy resin added to it which increases its hardness and hence is a durable alternative for that beautiful Turquoise horn necklace that women love to wear.

Chalk Turquoise is made by several treatments to the Turquoise. It is as porous as a chalk and hence its name. It has the same chemical composition as a naturally occurring Turquoise with only one exception that it does not contain copper. Turquoise Necklace are made from the beads of Chalk Turquoise. China is one of the biggest exporter of Chalk Turquoise and all the processes that is required to create this type of Turquoise is done in the country itself.

African Turquoise is not exactly a real Turquoise, rather it is a cheap alternative which is nothing but dyed jasper that looks a lot like Turquoise.



Buying tips for Turquoise Jewelry

It is really important that you buy Turquoise Jewelry from the vendor on whom you have good trust. It is easier to fool buyers when it comes to Turquoise, therefore you need to be extra cautious while selecting your vendor. Do some pre-research about these stones as well as the vendor, it will help you a great deal since you will be confident while asking questions about the stone. If you do not know any vendor, make sure that you have at least good knowledge about the stone. Ask questions like what type of Turquoise is it, what are the enhancements that are done on the stone, which mine was the stone extracted from etc. Try to check if there is any non-uniformity in the stone, any patterns which may look suspicious to you. Turquoise horn necklace usually contains of a single big stone but a regular Turquoise horn necklace usually has many small beads along with a horn shaped stone. Dishonest vendors sell impure Turquoise beads between the real ones to make the Turquoise Necklace more cost effective. This type of cheating is difficult to do in Turquoise heart jewelry. If you have an acquaintance who has an eye for these types of stones, you can consult them or even take them along when you go to buy Turquoise jewelry.