Silver Tassel Necklace & Earrings - Origin and Trends

Silver Tassel Necklace & Earrings - Origin and Trends


They aren't only for your room curtains any longer. Between Roman rulers and contemporary fashion designers, tassels have a long history. Silver tassel necklace and silver tassel earrings are the most in thing in fashion now. Tassels have pervaded fashion in every possible way. They are no longer limited to curtains, pillow covers and lamp shades.


You see them everywhere: hanging off of satchels, coats, and on top of smoking slippers. There's no wonder why jewelry designers are heavily incorporating in their collection. Long silver tassel necklace has been topping the jewelry trends due to the luxurious heritage of the tassel.


The tassel has quite often been an image of energy and glory. The word for "tassel" comes from "tassau" - which, deciphered from Latin, alludes to a clasp at the neck of a piece of clothing. To start with, tassels filled in as a weaving knot in clothes to prevent the threads from coming out loose.Then, over the course of time, they took on a more powerful significance: They were worn by ancient priests and military officers as talismans that warded off evil spirits. Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was unearthed from his tomb wearing them around his neck.

In 330 AD, Roman king Constantine proclaimed that all Christians ought to be clothed, prompting a popularity for tassel trimmings. Fast forward to 540 AD: Emperor Justinian and two Persian priests pirated in silkworms from China - just to make the tassels liked by kings and privileged people in the Western world.


We can thank the French for transforming the tassel into a trend. Around the sixteenth century, the Guild of the Passementiers set up the art of "passementerie." It took seven years of training to learn this art, and a solitary tassel would cost what might as well be called a great many dollars to commission, also long stretches of work and valuable materials.


Researchers from Oxford and Cambridge fastened them to their graduation tops to stamp their scholarly prevalence. The congregation attached them to robes to signify rank among clergymen. Napoleon decked out his royal throne with them. King Louis XIV even commissioned them to decorate all royal costumes and residences. Shortly after that, the rest of the Western world followed suit by adding them to, well, everything and anything. They inspire us to feel smart, strong, and statuesque.


Taking Over The Tassel Trend


Feeling inspired? Braid one for a budget-friendly necklace. Better yet, why stop there? Tassels make beautiful swinging embellishments for a pair of silver tassel earrings or a long silver tassel necklace. As for the tassels themselves, feel free to play with different shapes and materials: leather fringes, richly colored beads, and embroidered thread. They're fringy, they're fun, and they're totally on trend. Swing one around your neck, and get ready to shine like a queen. You can also buy long silver tassel necklace, silver tassel earrings and much more at Cosanuova. Click here to view their collection.