Are you having trouble with the layering trends?

Forget alternating between your favorite necklaces. Ignore your fear of fuss and tangled chains. Pile on jewelled basic pieces and work the layered necklace trend.

Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways to experiment with self-expression. Just like a lipstick, statement earrings can put you in the perfect mood for an evening out, while a delicate ring can make you feel pulled together. But, layered necklaces are the easiest way to update your outfit.

Whether you choose a statement piece, standout charms, or experiment with texture, the achieved look can make any woman look bold, fresh and creative.

We’re here to help you get it right with an easy guide to wearing layered necklaces.

The Classic Double

The layered necklace method favored by most. This is simply two gold or silver necklaces—one noticeably shorter than the other—to wear with every outfit. It's so subtle that statement earrings look incredible with it.

A beautifully simple gold or silver necklace, makes for a refreshing and simple accessory, perfect for day wear. Using simple lines and delicate curves as well as geometric forms and ancient techniques makes for awesome looks.


Top tip: the shorter necklace should always be full of exquisite contradictions: intricate yet detailed, contemporary yet classic, high style yet enduring

We love simple geometric shaped shorter necklaces as they create more depth. If the Twin Necklace is a little too simple for you, reach for Dutch Basics Fine Chain Triangle Necklace ‘Tui’ to create a bold, yet elegant, twist.

Radiating the classic, everyday feel, Cosanuova necklaces represent a modern and fresh individuality and are sure to turn an eye.

Layer each any these necklaces with a Yellow Gold Diamond Chain Necklace to synch the classic double look, it’s effortless yet pristine at the same time.

Add a Choker

It’s important to consider your neckline when deciding what necklaces you need to layer. If your attire for the day features a high neckline, such as boat or halter tops, consider longer chained necklaces to avoid clashing.

But, as it is summer, our shoulder and strapless necklines have made an appearance, and a choker stack is your new best friend.


Top tip: bold statement pieces are the best starting points for layering chokers.


Adding fun sculptural shapes is a fun and fashionable way to bring creativity to your outfit. Or for a neck party ensemble, layer a Choker with one of Cosanuova's colorful tassel necklaces to create a rich and contrasting look. With the illusion of two separate designs your neckline will get all the attention. It is important not to go overboard. Stick with two or three minimalist choker designs for statemented elegance.

Multiple Chains

Top tip: Multiple chain necklaces simplify your jewelry needs, making getting ready in the morning a lot easier. And let’s face it, the easier it is to get ready in the morning the better.

Want to create the layered necklace trend without actually wearing multiple necklaces? (sounds crazy, right?)

Opt for a necklace that already has the layered chains, gems and charms incorporated into the design. Simple!


With a touch of couture glamour and a twist of style, the mix of textures and stones creates a sophisticated yet slightly edgy look - try it!

If you are an 80’s lady at heart, create your own wrap around choker. The styling list is endless.



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